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Wasa Flatbread Original with
Bell Pepper and Avocado Spread

Wasa Flatbread Rosemary with
Tomato, Feta and Cucumber

Wasa Flatbread Sesame
with Tomato Salsa

Wasa Flatbread with Cream Cheese, Turkey, Arugula and Tomato

Wasa Flatbread with Cream Cheese, Tomato and Cucumber

Wasa Flatbread with Avocado,
Tomato and Fresh Mozzarela


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Wasa® Introduces New Thin & Crispy Flatbreads
Delicious, thin, whole grain crackers with one-of-a-kind taste and texture

CHICAGONot all snacks are created equal. Wasa, the world’s largest and most renowned baker of crispbread, introduces new Wasa Thin & Crispy Flatbreads to help make eating well easy and fun. This line of whole grain thin crackers has a delicious taste and a satisfying crunch – a winning combination that’s a perfect fit for a healthy lifestyle.

Available in Original, Sesame and Rosemary, Wasa Flatbreads are made with just a few simple, all-natural ingredients, delicately seasoned and oven baked for a one-of-a-kind taste and texture. This healthier cracker alternative offers endless topping possibilities; they can be used as a blank canvas for creating infinite varieties of meals and snacks that are uniquely your own and are great for entertaining or glamorizing everyday meals. In addition, the “Stay Fresh” packs make them a great on-the-go snack solution.

“At Wasa we take pride in offering healthy products made only with simple, all natural ingredients, that help people in their quest to eat well and live better” says Kirk Trofholz, President of Wasa North America LLC. “We believe the new Wasa Thin & Crispy Flatbreads will appeal to a broad audience and offer unlimited options for healthy snacks and alternative meal accompaniments.”

Wasa Thin & Crispy Flatbreads hit the specialty cracker aisle in stores including WalMart, Safeway and Kroger, nationwide November 2010 for a suggested retail price of $2.99. For more information and recipe ideas, visit


About Wasa

Since 1919, all-natural Wasa (pronounced “Vah-sah”) has been the world’s most renowned and largest baker of all-natural, whole grain crispbread. As for its name, Wasa is associated with the name of the Swedish king Gustav Vasa and was picked by Wasa founder Karl Lundström to create an easily recognizable brand for all Swedes. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, since 1999, Wasa has been owned by the Barilla Group. Wasa products are baked in facilities in Fillipstad, Sweden; and Celle, Germany, and sold in over 40 countries throughout the world.

Wasa Crispbread is available in 10 varieties: 100% Whole Grain, Fiber, Hearty, Light Rye, Multi Grain, Sesame, Sourdough, Whole Wheat, Crisp'n Light 7 Grain and Crisp'n Light Mild Rye.